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I.S.I. Group (Industry Supporting Industry)

"Agency of Underground Arts"

We are a Las Vegas based Arts & Entertainment group formed in 2011.

Specializing in custom mural work for home and business's.

ISI has curated 1000s of murals all across Las Vegas, Casinos, Restaurants, Bars, Lounges and even entire Movie theatre.

I.S.I. also puts on many live art events around Las Vegas working with dozens of Artists, DJ's, Musicians, Dancers and Specialty acts.

I.S.I. has created a community of talent, that not only creates out of passion, but also supports its fellow creators!

Aptly titled "Industry Supporting Industry".

Stay up to date on all things ISI by following us on Instagram: @the_isi_group

Email for any question:

Thank you for the support.

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