The ISI Group (Industry Supporting Industry) is a forward thinking art agency created in 2011, which supports the underground arts such as: tattoo, street and independent artists with monthly live paint events including silent auctions and galleries, commissioned paintings, business and personal galleries, murals and even tattoo consultation for the indecisive or unsure tattoo collectors. Thus ensuring the public gets the highest quality, dependable and trustworthy artwork, all while supporting the arts directly as all silent auction proceeds go 100% to the artists.

Growing up around, collecting art, and being over all fans of what some consider “Low Brow Art” IE: tattoo art, Graffiti, street art etc. Dana Anderson and Phillip Limon saw a lack of public awareness of the true talent of such artists and decided to create something community based, that would inspire and motivate artists to grow as individuals, all while giving them a fresh outlet to meet new clients, fans and fellow artists.

Since 2011 Industry Supporting Industry has successfully thrown over 100 Live art events, curating over 300 artists at dozens of venues across Las Vegas and is slowly spreading their wings to new cities. This July they launched ISI in Salt Lake City, Utah and are now coordinating quarterly art events there and hope to continue this trend in new cities across America.

ISI Studio workspace and gallery is located in the Las Vegas arts district inside “Downtown Spaces”: 1800 Industrial Rd. unit 207. ISI Group formerly owned and operated  “Cornerstone Art Gallery” established by Phillip Limon in 2009 and specializing in “Low Brow Art”.



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