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I.S.I. presented the Linq Mural Project to the Linq Casino and promenade in June 2014.

What started as a test run of 2 murals in one night quickly turned into a full blown Street Art exhibit.

There was 23 blank walls spread amongst the promenade walkway from Las Vegas strip to the High Roller observation wheel.

These blank spaces served as our canvas.

Each week I.S.I. group curated a new artist to paint one space, moving up and down the promenade painting new works each week.

I.S.I. successfully created 6 full phases of this project between 2014 and 2016 ultimately painting over 120 large scale works of art in an ever evolving street art exhibit unlike anything Las Vegas has ever seen before or since.

Below is a look inside this incredible project and many of the completed pieces by local and traveling artists.

You can also find more information on this project online by simply searching #linqmuralproject.

  • Anthony Ortega

  • Aware

  • Bo Wiltse

  • Brett Rosepiler

  • Conk

  • D2

  • Das Frank

  • Dcypher

  • DJ Tambe

  • Dopl

  • Dray

  • Dytch66

  • Ease

  • Eric Vozzola

  • Ernest Doty

  • Fanx

  • Gear Duran

  • GriffinOne

  • Jaber

  • Jayo

  • Jef Logan

  • Juan Muniz

  • Kat Tatz

  • Key Detail

  • King Ruck

  • Krie

  • Lickwid46

  • Manny Fernandez

  •  Mark Goddard

  • Mister Gums

  • mr.cenz

  • Mr.Zero

  • Noel Terracina

  • Savme

  • ScreamOne

  • Spen1

  • Spencer Olsen

  • Sril

  • Starfighter

  • Tagz1

  • Tewsr

  • Versa

Participating Artists:

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